WYCO Health System

Facade of Wyoming County Community Hospital

Reported to: Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors

Team Members: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Director of Nursing, Director of Finance, Quality Control Director, Human Resources Director, and Communications Committee of the Board.

Primary Goals: design and rollout a new brand and identity; create a comprehensive public relations and media campaign; improve employee, physician, and community relations.

The Project

Transforming an aging hospital into a state-of-the-art facility was critical for the residents of rural Wyoming County. My job was to build and direct a communications department from the ground up. Our challenges were many:

  • There were no design standards.
  • The logo was a dead tree with no leaves.
  • Employees didn’t trust the administration.
  • The community didn’t trust the hospital to provide quality healthcare.
  • The press called random employees to get the latest news.
  • The website hadn’t been updated in years.
  • The entire facility was about to be ripped apart for a massive capital improvement project.
  • CEOs came and went at a frightening pace.

First steps

I took control of the press. I sent a memo to employees telling them to direct every media request to me. I sent a notice to the press saying the same. I created a protocol for issuing releases: I drafted the release, the CEO had three hours to edit or approve, and I distributed to the media on-time.


Next, I involved employees, physicians, and patients in the rebranding process. They selected the new logo, and every old logo was replaced. New ad campaigns went out, billboards were refreshed, and new signs went up.

Website rehab

Old Website

Website development took time. Trust had to be built. Fear of HIPAA violations were justifiable. I convinced one of the best developers in region to tackle this project with me.

Current website (a slight modification from what we built).

Social media hurdles

Proposing a social media launch was one of the biggest challenges. I spent over a year trying to get board approval and overall buy-in. I built all of the platforms and kept them unpublished, so that they were full of content as soon as I was given the green light. During Covid-19, WCCHS’s social media outreach has helped many families check on their loved ones, so I am very happy I pushed for this project.

Employee satisfaction

One of my favorite projects was an employee photoshoot. I asked them to represent their departments and show up. They loved the results so much, they requested to put up posters everywhere.

But, posters weren’t going fix everything. We set up regular employee roundtables with the Executive Team. The first few meetings were a little tense, but over time trust began to form.

More cows than people

Wyoming County boasts a few things:

  • Grand Canyon of the East (Letchworth State Park),
  • More cows than people, and
  • Attica State Prison, whose inmates are treated at WCCHS.

One of WCCHS’s biggest community outreach events took place every year at the county fair. Because, cows. I personally took on the dusty task of remodeling their booth into a kid-friendly, chalk-art canvas.

Speaking of prisons

When construction began, the entire hill in front of the hospital was dug up. A new retaining wall was erected and quickly dubbed ‘Attica II’.

So, we fixed it.

Before image of WCCHS retaining wall
Image of retaining wall at WCCHS new banners