Lila Pilates & Yoga Studio

Keirsten helping a client with a move on the reformer

Lila was my dream project. I launched the studio, managed the brand, and had a role in improving the health of my community. Clients often asked: “Is Lila a franchise? Your website looks so professional. There must be more than one of you.”

Ahhh. I wish.

Going international

After six years in business, I landed two stories in an internationally distributed magazine. I pitched my first story to Pilates Style via their Facebook page, and they called back the same day. While working on the first story, they asked if I’d like to be featured in a second story.

Yes, yes, of course.

In the movies. Sort of.

Just as the Pilates Style Jul-Aug 2018 issue came out, I was invited to film two episodes with Dr. Brent Anderson at the Pilates Anytime studios in southern California. This was a really big deal. Nearly every Pilates instructor in the world watches or knows about Pilates Anytime.

Moving on

I’m very proud Lila Pilates and my work for over 20 years in Western New York. But, I wanted a new adventure. In 2019, I moved to Washington, DC to help Equinox open their 101st luxury fitness club.