HFA Symposium

Since 1997, the Hemophilia Federation of America has hosted an annual symposium for the bleeding disorders community. Like many other organizations, their event was held virtually in 2020 and 2021. I was hired in January 2021 and built a custom website to host their symposium. The event was held over 10 days, and (I am happy to report) there were no technical difficulties or user experience issues.

Our 23 sponsors were comprised of biotech and pharmaceutical companies. I designed and delivered a unique landing page for each company and worked closely with their team for 3 months to feature products and therapies. Each page went through an extensive legal review before being published.

 Even though we are planning to hold this year’s Symposium in person, I am redesigning and relaunching the event site and sponsor landing pages.

Keynote Presentation

In addition to the conference website, I worked closely with our keynote speaker and author, Zander Masser, to design his debut presentation about his father who died from AIDS, due to the unsafe blood supply given to hemophiliacs in the 1970’s and 1980’s. 

The presentation was the highest attended and highest rated at the conference. We focused on highlighting his father’s photography work and keeping the aesthetic very simple. We wanted the story to be the highlight with the presentation deck as a subtle, but powerful backdrop.

In 2022, I am working with Zander again for his in-person presentation and book launch.