"Keirsten has definitely found her calling between massage therapy and Pilates. It is truly an experience no one should miss out on. My next session can never come soon enough!"

 "You are a mind and body reader - one look and you know how to fix my poor broken body. You took me from a number 10 pain level to a 5 in one session, by session two I'm now at a 2 pain level. I think you'll have me back to 100% after our third session. THANK YOU!!!"

 “I wish this place was my doctor's office as well. I trust this kind of preventive health practice more than a traditional doctor.”

“Amazing - best massage I have ever had.”

“Very therapeutic. Keirsten is body brilliant. My massage was amazing. The work she did on my shoulder is definitely from her extensive education and practice with the human body.”

“I feel restored. The connection and communication I had with Keirsten allowed her to understand areas of need."

"It was over 40 years ago that I had a cerebral hemorrhage, which resulted in left side weakness. Since that time, I have gone to a vast number of doctors, physical therapists; have had cold laser, ultra sound, and other treatments.  These all have helped me to improve, but my more recent experience with Lila Pilates is proving to be very beneficial. Keirsten's program is personalized to suit the needs, limitations, and strengths of each person that she works with.  She has an unmatched knowledge of the body's musculature, and she skillfully teaches movements and exercises to meet the intended goals. She is a great 'cheerleader' ('abs!') and is always taking one to the next level of possibility. ('Abs!'). My inner core strength, mobility, and balance have improved through this training. ('Abs!'). After a session with Keirsten, I feel serene, balanced, and encouraged.  Did someone mention .... 'abs'?!"

"In a very short time period, Keirsten has provided me with the flexibility and strength that I wasn't getting from my traditional 'gym routines'. I should have started with Pilates earlier, as I'd be much further along with my fitness goals. Keirsten is an amazing instructor, and I've learned a ton. Everyone, from the hard core athlete to the hard core couch potato, will benefit immensely from Lila Pilates. It's that good!"

"Keirsten is a great instructor who focuses on her client's needs, while developing a program geared specifically for their body."

"Lila Pilates is where I started going for relief of my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), and Pilates definitely helps. Keirsten is an amazing instructor, and I don't know where I'd be, pain-wise, without her!"

"Lila Pilates is a great place to start your love of Pilates. Keirsten is knowledgeable and is able to adjust the exercise to your needs and your level. She will challenge you and encourage you at the same time. You will always feel comfortable."

"In my years of practicing Pilates, I've worked with many different instructors. In all of those years, not one of those instructors took the time to ask about my health ‘history’…until I worked with Keirsten.  With the knowledge I provided her, she created a workout specific to my needs. She never pushes beyond my limits and always seems to know exactly what I can handle…even when I'm whining! All of this takes place in her studio, which is very well equipped, and overall, a very peaceful environment."

"Pilates for athletes? After working with Keirsten while competing in an adult swim league, I would highly recommend supplementing your routine training with Lila Pilates. Keirsten is a conscious teacher, who creates a comfortable environment and works one-on-one to customize workouts to individual body types, physical abilities, and personal goals. Working with Keirsten went beyond improving my posture - it eliminated joint pain, allowed me to breathe easier and deeper during endless laps in the pool, and sleep more comfortably at night."

"Experiencing our Pilates classes has been inspiring. Each class leaves me looking forward to the next.  My body feels stronger, more flexible, and longing for the next challenge. Thank you, Lila Pilates!"

“Enlightening. Rockstar!!! After 7 years of pain, I can finally put a name to my pain and have hope of treating it. Also, side lying massage … add it to everyone’s routine. I’d love to have massage combined with Pilates … and a hot bath.”

“Therapeutic. She explained stretches and exercises to help with trouble areas.”

“Keirsten is very informative, knowledgeable, and personable. She addressed my areas of concern with care.”

“My massage was an education! Keirsten explained how the muscles and tissues are related to my daily movement habits. I understood why I was feeling tight in certain areas.”

“Best massage yet, so it’s hard to say anyone could do better.”

“Very knowledgable therapist. Keirsten is pleasant and she concentrated on fixing my areas of concern.”

“Perfect rhythm and client conscious. She focused on my problem area … great glute work! Keirsten is pleasant, thoughtful, and clearly passionate about the healthcare field.”

“I’ve seen Keirsten few times for massage, and we are now able to get to new areas that weren’t possible on the first session. After several massages, my too tight areas are now opening up for deeper work. Keirsten doesn’t rush her work, and her clients benefit.”

“Keirsten is a communicative, compassionate, and excellent massage therapist. It’s so easy to connect with her.”

“Keirsten is very knowledgable and helpful … even if it’s your first massage.”

"Keirsten's class is intimate enough that we get individual help and guidance if needed, and she so readily gives modifications that are really appreciated by someone like me who has foot, neck, and back issues. I appreciate how knowledgeable she is and feel the pace of the class is so suitable for all of us!!"